Restoration of painted and silvered clock dials

Clock dial restoration is my passion. If your clock has a dial that has loss of numerals and paint, it is not only unsightly but it diminishes the value of your clock. If you leave a flaking dial in a current state of disrepair, it will continue to deteriorate and will become worse over time.

Clock dials can usually be restored to their original condition by retaining and stabilizing existing paint, followed by color matching, replacement of lost paint and repainting missing characters. If most of the paint and characters are intact, the dial can be restored. Clock dial repair and restoration is not a total repainting of the dial. I do not do total strip and repainting, which is essentially re-manufacturing a clock dial. Total repainting of a dial does not have the same look as an original dial that has been restored.

I also re-silver clock dials. Clock dial restoration is a labor of love and I do all the restoration work myself. For a free estimate of restoring the original beauty of your clock dial, simply send your request to me at Thymeclock@yahoo.com.


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